faq/contact info

e.   info  @  abarkandawag.com

do you have a studio? where will my session take place?

Sessions are all about capturing all of the little details of your pup’s unique story. Therefore I insist on having the session either at your home or other fun place that your dogs likes to go (even if it’s just for car rides!)

are there any breeds you won’t work with?

I am a lover of ALL dogs types. The only thing I insist on is that your dog be friendly to people. 😉

how long does a session last?

It varies and depends on the dog and what we plan on doing. Usually sessions last a minimum of an hour and half.

do you have dogs?

Of course!! I am the proud parent of two rescues – Darwin and Lucy. Both are German Shepard mixes and I LOVE them to pieces. I am obsessed with them and you’ll see them a bunch throughout my website and probably read about them a lot!! I am part of a very dog loving family and have had dogs all of my life. My Mom’s four-legged “grandchildren” currently out number her actual grandchildren!!